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Website Designing


Today the implication of internet has been magnified and many business strategists have already used internet media as their influential marketing tool to attract their business customers. In this contemporary web based world almost all sort of businesses run in online apart from its physical selling spot. End users of any products are now more dependent on internet and they surf for any information about the products or services based on the matter published in the internet. Here comes the role of Imaxell for you, to design and deliver a search engine optimized web sites which can enhance our products selling rate in a steep manner.
At Imaxell infotech understand that each venture undertaken by us plays a crucial financial role amid our patrons and in turn their end users. The professionals at Imaxell make use of their skill sets to formulate an effective content for your web site, with an adorable and quality web design that would enhance the end user’s web experience.

Imaxell Infotech is experienced in all sorts of web site developments ranging from E-commerce sites, corporate portals, personal sites, service portals, product sites and much more. We at Imaxell have the proficiency to transfer your requirements to reality.

We assure quality in our delivery which means the site would operate free from flaws.  We guarantee for the delivery of eye-catching web sites in order to run through your business with high rate of investment (ROI). As a general principle, a first-class website should:

The design of a website is the first thing that strikes the mind of a visitor and attracts attention. A good website should:

  • have a striking design to catch the attention of visitors.
  • look professional
  • be able to represent your company aptly
  • create a favourable impression in the mind of visitors
  • have a user friendly interface
  • be laid out in an organized manner
  • have intuitive website navigation

Our strength dwells is working intimately with customers which assists in achieving the goals of our customers in a swift manner.

Any venture undertaken by us would be an ideal mix of innovativeness, configurable leading to a flexible, and user friendly and resilient site for meeting the future requirements as well. We dedicate our efforts in intimately scrutinizing all the phases of our project and our customer can avail these at very affordable price which is not offered by anyone in the internet market

Our team of experienced and skilled professional web designers and developers provide you with the following services:

  • Website content planning and drafting
  • Graphics
  • Custom logo designing
  • Internet website designing
  • Flash animations
  • Multimedia flash websites
  • Web portals design
  • Banner designing
  • Shopping cart designing
  • Websites designed with MYSQL, ASP and PHP
  • HTML coding and Java scripting

Experts at Imaxell play a significant part in constructing your website discernible in every possible search engines which in turn fetch more business for your company. This proves that your site would be promoted by means of our innovative online marketing strategy and it would enable your site to be identified in the internet very distinctly from the rest of the sites.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It has been identified during a survey that approximately 95% of internet users are using search engines to surf more information about the products and services that they looking for.

It is evident that the sites linked in the first page of popular search engine such as Google attracts more traffic when compared to the other sites. Our specialized team in SEO servicing has the capability to assist our customers to enable their site to be listed as one of the top three sites in a search engine’s resulting page. We would also ensure that your company’s brand name will be upheld by the innovative technology incorporated in your website by our experts.
Based on the customer’s requirements we are flexible enough to tailor our SEO based marketing strategy. Our SEO based services would:

We ensure that our services:

  • Help in driving more traffic to your website.
  • Increase traffic by converting visitors into leads and actual sales.
  • Reduce cost per acquisition.

The approach of Search engine based advertising comprises of a concept called search engine optimization (SEO), that assists in obtaining top ranks in every possible search engines and that would ultimately yield to Pay Per Click (PPC).

Our SEO features consist of the following features:

  • An indepth analyses and report of your website that identifies problem areas in your website. This helps in implementing corrective services so that the site is made search engine friendly.
  • The content, structure, HTML code and all the other nity gritty of your website is checked.
  • The on-page factors are analysed. Problem areas such as a badly written code, javascript, iframes, flash files are identified and rectified.
  • The off-page factors are analysed too. Off-page factors such as number of inbound links that point to your site are researched on and accordingly corrective measures are implemented.
  • Issues are prioritized according to the importance and severity of the problem.
  • Search engine submission
  • SEO content writing
  • Link building

As per the Pay per Click (PPC) services offered by us, we assist in screening your ads at an affordable Price per click to a large group of audience. This service would include:

  • Campaign set up
  • Basic keyword resaerch
  • Strategic bid set up
  • Ad copy writing
  • Google AdWords

The expertise team and the SEO system at Imaxell infotech are upgraded as and when the SEO parameters are changed in the market. One of the popular search engines like Google is well known for its continuous updates of its systems to make their listing process a standard one in the market. The expertise team at Imaxell has gained its experience in such ever changing logical search function of search engines and hence we can manage very well when such situation occurs. We have a great history in making our customer’s site to be listed as one among the top ranked sites even during the time of Search engine system upgrade.

For any further clarifications on the features offered with respect to online marketing, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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E-Commerce Development

E-commerce Solutions Chennai:
We at Imaxell understand how important it is to have an E-Commerce site for a business owner in order to do an authentic business at online. Today we can infer that many entrepreneurs are using internet based E-commerce web sites as a sole means for trading their products in India. It is a fact that such shop owners can see through a higher Return of Investment and would enable them to operate in a 24 * 7 fashion.

Besides the hosting of every E-commerce site there resides a splendid amount of strategy and amazing design to make it operate in an end to end flawless manner. We knew that how important is that to provide a professional and secured look and feel to your site in the internet. The expertise team at Imaxell knows these nuances by means of our practical real time experience in this sector and hence we can build and host a best E-Commerce site for our customers that are amazingly eye-catching and user friendly. It is now a high time for you to make your site a globally visible E-commerce site, and hence do not hesitate to contact us enquiring about the price quote.

Who should use our E-commerce Solution in India?

Our E-commerce solution is applicable to those who wanted to trade anything in the internet and this is applicable for the entrepreneurs who have physical stores in the market. After going through our service catalog and the competitive price, we are sure that our customers would be pleased to have partnership with our company.

Reasons of having an E-commerce or Online Store?

  • E-commerce Solution increases your Targeting Audience i.e Customers in India or around the World.
  • E-commerce Website makes the selling and payment receiving method Online and Automated.
  • Don't require any Branch Store or Physical presence.
  • It is very cost effective and affordable.
  • No requirement of hiring more sales person.
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Web Application Development

Web Application Development

The demand for the development of applications based on web is budding in a larger scale. This is because not everyone’s requirements are satisfied by the pre-built CMS applications like Joomla, Wordpress and much more.
It is because of this growing demand web application development companies are emerging proportionally in numbers. However not all the emerging companies can withstand the competition prevailing in the market and they lose the competition. Imaxell infotech has successfully come out of this stage and can assure to provide a web application which is Hack-Free thus assuring 100 % safety and security for our customers and their end users.

Why choose Custom Web Application Development in Chennai ?

If you are thinking about why to choose Imaxell for developing custom web application, then here is our uniqueness and excellence in this sector : Apart from enabling your site to operate in 24 * 7 fashion, our powerful SEO based content in your website will attract more internet traffic to your site thus increasing your business returns. People would love and enjoy to shop in your site by comfortably sitting in their home and they would gain all together a new shopping experience than never before. Our web development service can facilitate more other alternatives apart from just allowing your users to trade any products using your site. For example, our alternative services include Web based money transfer application, Job portals, E-learning web applications and much more.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want your dream come true

Reasons for using Our Company's Web Application Development Service?

  • Years of experience in Developing Web Applications which suites Chennai clients.
  • Gives the most Secure(Hack-Free) Web Application in Chennai.
  • Most Affordable Web Application Development Packages available.
  • Gives reality to whatever you plan for your Website.
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Software Development

Custom Software Development at HiddenBrains makes you stand out in the crowd

We are the leader in all web oriented technologies in the market and our expertise development team has tremendous experience in foremost technologies such as JAVA, AJAX, DotNet, PHP MySQL, Adobe and many more. The team has proven their abilities by meeting several customers’ proposals by means of crafting extraordinary web applications. 

Hire our customized software programmer for the following services:

  • Internet Application Development
  • Intranet Application Development
  • Web Portal Development
  • eCommerce solutions
  • CRM solutions
  • Application Porting and Integration
  • Content Management
  • Client-Server Application Development
  • Database solutions
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Domain Registration

Among our service catalog, domain name registration is a noticeable offer by our company. Our uniqueness resides in offering domain name registration service as a separate one apart from usual combination with design servicing package. When it comes to selecting a domain name for your business website, it is imperative to procure your own domain name, only then your clients would feel it safe to make use of their credit card details through your site. For those who are ready to enter into a partnership with us, we are ready to provide our service by suggesting innovative ideas on how to select your domain name which would fit for your business
All orders include:
  • Domain name registration
  • URL Forwarding
  • Email Forwarding
  • Domain parking
  • Web domain admin tool to modify your records
  • Domain name reserved world wide in seconds
  • Domain names may be up to 63 characters total(including the suffix).
  • Confirmation regarding registering of Domain names in your name will take 2-3 days from the date on which we receive the payment from you.
  • Internationally Domain name registration is on a First-come-first-serve basis.
  • We will not be responsible for the availability of the Domain name in the 2-3 days that it can take to register a Domain name.
  • In between the time we receive your email request and by the time the payment is made, if the domain is registered by some other person/organization, Technology India. We will not be responsible in any way for the non-availability thereafter.
  • The money you send will be refunded in case you do not need to register another Domain with us.
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Web Hosting

Cost does matters a lot when it comes to business. Today people are moving towards web hosting in Linux or Unix operating systems as it is a open source and the technologies resides behind it is also free source such as PHP, My SQL, Python, XML and many more. We at Imaxell Infotech understand the importance of revenue for doing business and being a cost efficient company we offer web hosting based on Linux or UNIX based operating systems bundled with massive sum of space and features incorporated in it. With Linux based web hosting, we assure your web site can be designed, developed and hosted in a little amount of time. It is to be noticed that such a web site hosted in Linux based platform would ensure its availability for a long period of time without facing any technical glitches. Since Linux is well known for its robustness and stability, the security of your web sites hosted in such platform is always guaranteed. The package offered by us for hosting your web site in Linux based platform is cheaper when compared to the quotation offered by other competitors in the market.

Our professional and experienced support team will put forth their best possible efforts to uphold your web site in the internet. This would ultimately present a technique to make your business to yield utmost profit.


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